Scott Ladzinski

Visual Designer and Director

Design, and solve, for 'why?'

Your brand is your lifeblood, and in our fast-paced, highly competitive market, standing out is more important than ever before. That means being inventive, creative, taking appropriate risks, and skillfully matching the product, to messaging, to market. Ride the top of the wave, don't get caught behind it.

I don't believe in fancy buzzwords or over-hyped marketing terms, I believe in communicating what a product is to who that product will help in the best way possible. Visual design is a sophisticated communication medium, and positioning a product in the right way, at the right time, should always be the goal.

Design samples and case studies

Haven Builders, Inc. Website Redesign

Website Redesign Case Study

Abandonment Logo

Abandonment Logo

Custom Inkwash Illustations for Fundraiser Event

Custom Illustrations - Denver Zoo Fundraiser Project

Hookify Logo

Branding Design Project

Under the Lights - How IT Can Score a Win for the Campus Stadium

Under the Lights

TESSA Self Mailer Image

T.E.S.S.A. Self Mailer

Custom Illustrations used for artwork

CASA Marketing Materials

C.A.S.A. Marketing Materials

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2018 Logo

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2018

Digital Transformation Ad Images

Learning Spaces Print Ad

Peak Grill Branding

EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Landing Page

Style Guide Authoring and Buildout

Poudre Valley Brewing Company Logo

Poudre Valley Brewing Company Logo

EDUCAUSE Connect Events

EDUCAUSE Top Ten IT Issues

MGMA Report Cover

MGMA Report Redesign Case Study

Christ Clinic Fort Collins Website

Christ Clinic Fort Collins Website and UX Design

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Redesign

Website Redesign Case Study

Gregory J. Bachman Website Image

Website Design Project

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Logo

EDUCAUSE Diversity Illustrations

South Hill Auto Repair Logo

South Hill Auto Repair Logo

Transmedia Article - Back to the Future of Edtech

Choose Your Program Ad

Web technologies, resources and tools that I use every day.

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