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Project completed for Christ Clinic Fort Collins

Project Description & Results.

Christ Clinic is a free medical clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. The clinic is open to anyone regardless of income, race, gender or religion. This was a pro-bono project that I took on as I was blown away by the passion of the founding Doctor and his wife when they approached me and asked for a website and user experience expert. Their goal was whole-heartedly to give those who didn't have access to healthcare an option to obtain a long term, primary Doctor relationship. Christ Clinic even goes as far as to give free bus passes and credit at local pharmaceutical locations for their patients. This website was designed to be very simple, easy to use, and create a connection between the Clinic and potential or current patients. The use of gray only to define key segments of the site was intentionally designed so the user would be prompted that within those areas are clear action items they can interact with.

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