Website Redesign

Project completed for Haven Builders, Inc..

Project Description & Results.

As a premier custom home builder in Northern Colorado, the Haven Builders, Inc. website was not showcasing the attention to detail and professionalism the company is known for. The old website lacked a user friendly experience, especially in the floor plans and gallery sections. The old website was built in the early 2000's and as such was also not mobile friendly nor did it have any analytics tracking in place.

My approach on this redesign was to enhance the user experience, remove the fluffy marketing language that was scattered throughout the old web presence, and most importantly make the site mobile friendly. Though we did not have analytics data to assist in driving some of our design and navigational decisions we did know that the audience was above average in their tech savviness, had above average income, and are individuals who are efficient with their time. Using these parameters a mobile first approach was taken, and the two primary purposes of the site, a home gallery of completed work and a floor plan gallery of available blueprints are featured in an easy to find manner.

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