Style Guide for EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Project completed for EDUCAUSE.

Project Description & Results.

As Visual Design Lead, part of my responsibilities at EDUCAUSE were brand management. Our Annual Conference was a multi-million dollar product. As such it was vitally important that our branding and promotions have a consistant look to achieve maximum success.

Many find authoring branding standard documents to be boring and too time consuming, however, I have always believed the documents are one of the single most important assets in a graphic designers aresenal and thuroughly enjoying creating them. Even if one has been working on a product for years, it is easy to get off-track. This robust document served as the primary guideline and "rule-of-law" so that all forty people working on the project had access to the exact same information and standards. The result of my efforts saw incredible increases in branding consistency over a five year period, and the Executive Team was more and more please every year to see our visual look become so dialed in.

Branding Guidelines for the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Click here to see the full PDF of the style guide and my approach to writing one.

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